Monday, July 21, 2008

In the Tune of June and Half TimeJuly

There is so much to say and I have not said much at all. In the post that follows, you will see pictures that have made me happy and read words that express odd feelings I have about the state of things and what's to come. The words and feelings don't truly express the feelings I have about the pictures and my experiences in Korea, as they have all made me happy. Although, Seoul has been a rainy place so far this summer but I am still happy about my time here. While the state of the world is questionable, my mental state has been right good. I have been picking up Britishisms from friends. It is now August and I have but a month to go in Seoul before I return home. There are a lot of things I will miss in Korea. The pictures that follow are a small glimpse of what I will miss. I do miss home though, and although the following does not include most recent events, I will be updating again soon with reflections on my trip to Japan. Until then...

The start of the Summer in Seoul

Neon and Fast

Artistic and Unrefined

Cavemen with Kanye West Glasses

Telling our Survival

Migrations towards the Music

False Advertising

Like Harry Potter

A Strange World

Butt Familiar

Seoul Tower pierces the Sky

Deer feces pleasantly odoriferous in the midst of City Smells

Far from the Herd

Far from a recent Past

Trying to tame Nature

Increasing the Baroness of Our Earth Mother

The Future is Over and Over Again

We will be on the Move

And Masking our Feelings

Enforced by Tanks in Public Places

Caged while trying to cross Bridges

Stone Statues of a Feasible Future

A New World Order

Saying how to be happy

Hotter than

Kids being cool

National pride

And people waiting

to Unify

while concrete fights a pretty Sky

Lost Love letters are given to Strangers

We all want to be beautiful

and wish we could fly

Boobi Boobi

Belly Dancing

Loosing One's head amidst all of the Trash

Feeling Homeless regardless of Prosperity

The sun sets on construction

Friends celebrate their last days together

Bombs buried in the Globe

Monopolies happy to capitalize

but there is still Solace in Summer...

Friday, June 6, 2008

May Be

I loaded the pictures the wrong way.
It is too late to change their lay.
Try to make sense of what I say,
As I run you backwards through May.

These pictures were actually in June.

Can you tell what it is that we're doin?

We are at the top of building 63

that also features things from under the sea!

Jellyfish that look like snow,

which is a penguin's best friend, you know!

It's ok if you call them by their name,

or call me by it, when I act lame.

Into a million lives we could be spying,

but of course, I would rather be flying!

Outside of the world cup qualifying game,

it was too hard to sit and be tame.

Korea and Jordan's flags on his back

people lined up for ramen but hot water they lacked:

Somehow this picture snuck in from before?

A shirt Renae made me pictured on the same floor:

It says Penguin in Korean on the back:

and we got couple rings that are blue but look black:

Somehow this got here: A Keyboarding Fountain:

then it goes back to the man made mountain...

Street lights decorated with bicycle rims:

And the new instrument called the "Ohming Beacon"

We followed the funny sign for a while:

causing this girl to dance in the chicken style.

Anniversary time in Sok Cho, it seems

was a pretty cool fantasy/dream

They had live fish and dead ones and some in between

and one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen:

The lake with the rims mentioned above,

and the cold eastern sea causing nipples of love.

The view from our roof was bangin' at night.

We witnessed an awesome fireworks fight... (ed. not pictured)

Same lake as before but right near the shore:

Viewed from our room on Helios top floor:

I don't know what I'm doing in this picture:

and I really really liked this sideways faced creature:

Back to late April, slash early May:

Sparklers and fires in bars; What the Hey!

Chinese in Korea celebrate Olympic fire

and Buddha's birthday brings colored lanterns on wire:

The baseball games are awesome. I'll never go back

to American baseball, for all that it lacks.

Rachel Issabel and Kimmy, but Kimmy was fired

playing foot-volleyball but not looking tired:

Punk Kid of Love destroys American Captain

Weird picture of people peeing into a trash-bin?

and the cutest of kids, my students of six:

and that will conclude my May in Seoul Pics.